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Bucks County
December 08, 2015, Torresdale,Frankford,Bucks County
Are you considering weight loss surgery? Learn about the multidiscipl...
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  • luca andrews
    luca andrews commented on Aria's Section of Endocrinology:
    "Yes, endocrinology is a branch of medicine that helps in dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of hormone related diseases. It covers respiration, sensory perception, coordination, of metabolism and mainly focuses on the endocrine gland and tissues, which produce hormones. For instance, you can read this pdf - - that contain the whole information regarding its functionality. Endocrinologists are the experts that cure people suffer from hormonal imbalances, especially glands present in the endocrine system. "
  • Veronica Williams
    Veronica Williams commented on What Helped You Get Back on Your Feet?:
    "I have had 7 spinal operations in the last 4 years and I also had a hysterectomy for to cervical cancer about two years ago. I don't have many family members that live close to me and unfortunately most of my friends didn't sick around through all I went through. It was to much for most of them, so the only thing that got me moving and wanting to get back on my feet is my kids. I couldn't imagine letting myself go and not being able to see my kids and all the sports they at in and just spending time with them on a daily basis. So I keep moving and deal with the pain I live with on a daily basis just so I can have this time with my girls!!!!"
  • Veronica Williams
    Veronica Williams commented on Smoking Cessation at Torresdale Campus:
    "Hello i very interested in participating in it smoking classes but I see that they started already. Is there any way you will be having then again or I can join now. I am desperate to quit but I can't afford to things to help u quit. So your classes would be perfect for me. Thank you, Veronica Williams 2158286802"
  • Cindy Powers
    Cindy Powers commented on Can weather affect your aching bones?:
    "Yes it does my bones get very sore and painful."
  • Mabel Georgiades
    Mabel Georgiades commented on Can weather affect your aching bones?:
    "Haven't had the pleasure yet of coming to your Bucks Campus but have referral from PCP to come and see what you are all about. It appears you have a wonderful amount of persons who like what you do or have done in medicine. My turns coming. See you soon."
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